Monday, 16 October 2017

Counting Stones

This pretty little flat stone is number 281.
That's if my math is right.
I don't have that many fingers!

Moving right along to a speckled ruby red.

What.....more pink!
I'm liking this one.

Another case of Nature stitching marks
way more beautifully than I.

Random rusting

I am really fond of rust stained rocks.

A mammoth of a stone.
Makes me think of a Nautilus.
Well, it is kind of fossil like.

This week Diane, Grace, Sherry and I
went down to Ste. Anne University
on the French Shore
where Nadine and another Diane
taught us about silk screen printing.
Oh, well
There is obviously a lot more to learn!

This week Handy Hubby and I received our flu shots
Now Handy Hubby has the flu!
Or at least a reaction to the needle.

78 stones to go.
Happy stitching

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Playing Catch-up after Friend-filled Thanksgiving

We gathered friends around us and celebrated Thanksgiving.
Thank you all for enriching our lives.

Now I'm playing Stone Pathways catchup.

Wonder if stones enjoy the company of friends too.

Or are they lonesome creatures

despite spending their lives

surrounded by millions of others
along rocky shorelines.

I simply love this one!


Monday, 9 October 2017

Keep on Rocking!

A rock party on the Fundy Shore

Basalt flat rocks watching the tide go out.

A beautiful sunshiny day clambering over rocks.

Patchwork stone

Born with a beautiful birthmark.

Simply handsome.

Can a stone be old fashioned?

Perhaps this stone was born among the clouds.
I like that idea.

Tiny enough to be stitched in thread.

Grey elegance.

Happy Thanksgiving Canada!

Monday, 25 September 2017

Stacked Stones

Stones on cloth squares are piling up
patiently waiting to be assembled
beneath studio tables bits and pieces of other projects are 
wait patiently in their baskets.

Tracking or trekking across ocean smoothed stones

 Sometimes the fabric is everything.

A surprisingly creamy mustard stone
Don't often see those around here.

An astonishing heart of stone.

Very strange

A simple linen smock on a burgundy red pebble.

Streaked by time.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Stitching Stones Under Clear September Skies

An indigo vat has been sitting in the garden
beneath pale indigo skies

....I'm not a lover of blue

Leftover from a navy blue uniform
and unhappy school days!
My, oh,  my,
that was well over fifty years ago!

So it really was time to give blue a try again!

My favourite dipping is mostly white
with thin blue streaks.
It could well end up being used.

Have to say I do like the pale indigo skies
of Summer.

The darker blues
will be harder for me to use
but rusty markings might help!

Monday, 11 September 2017

Shaped Through the Ages

A sone that fits neatly in my hand
a speckled lozenge

A tiny smooth apostrophe
Love the colour of this one
but I must have marked it with stitch at night
because only now I have noticed the brown speckles.
I had stitched in my outline of brown dots just to add a bit of interest.
I find the lighting changes in every room of the house
and the marks or shapes I see change in every type of light.

 A beautifully simple nearly perfect circle.

A slice of pie
Pumpkin pie perhaps

As I stitched my marks I realized
this shape was house shaped
Though I see the actual stone has a flatter roof
How the heck did I trace around that one?!
Must have changed the angle of the pencil
as I drew around it
or perhaps moved the stone in the process.
It is often hard to keep the stone still
because many are lumpy bumpy!

A melting snowball shape.
Funny what comes to mind.

My heart goes out to those in the Caribbean and Florida
who have been devastated by Hurricane Irma.
What a monster of a storm.

Saturday, 9 September 2017

When Things Slow Down

Things slow down and priorities change
when Brett and Amber come to town.
We enjoyed hiking my favourite trail along the Fundy Shore
but when the young ones intended hiking the really long trails
us old folk (and that includes the Rusty Pups!) stayed at home.

So that is why last week's stones got delayed....
....because of a happy visit.
This stone I like
It's happy
It makes me think of when the travelling fair came to town
when the boys were young.

This one also tickles my fancy
A sprinkling of stars

Love the stone
my interpretation....not so much!
Oh, well.
Sometimes one just can't do them justice.

Purple Haze


Time worn crevices.

so often the most beautiful.

As we hiked I spied some marks
which will surely find a place in a stitching one day.

Be safe